Earthquake 2015

Earthquake Relief Project

After the massive earthquake of 7.9 rectors devastated many regions of Nepal in Baisakh 2072 (April 2015), various governments, NGOs and private efforts were put into relief work. Many during the first few days were concentrated on search and rescue missions to save people buried under rubble. The second stage comprised of provision of emergency shelter, food, medical supplies and clothing items to the victims. Quite a few emergency camps were set up in open grounds which gave shelter to victims whose houses were left destroyed or damaged and also others who were afraid to step foot into homes that survived.

Members of Kalyani also quickly came together to devise a plan of action and the first instinct was to provide for shelter (considering the destroyed homes and declining temperature with prediction of rain) and food. Kalyani distributed tents enough to cover around 300 families overall and dry foods items, the monetary value of which amounted to about NRs. 3,50,000 (approx $3400).

It was overwhelming to see the country come together in time of crisis such as this. However, even with so many people trying to help, we realised that most of the relief work/materials were concentrated on the same four things mentioned above. Since tents and food was distributed in enormous quantities we decided shift our focus something different but essential for people; especially while living in temporary shelters. Meanwhile, we also understood that as a new organization our resources would only allow us to make concentrated relief efforts, hence staying true to our objectives we decided to focus on hygiene and sanitation.With a budget of a about NRs.1,50,000 (approx. $1400) we made our plans to begin making hygiene kits. These kits would provide hygiene and sanitation items to suffice a family of 4 for a month.

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Our Kalyani Hygiene kits comprised of:

  • A set of 4 masks
  • ORS packets
  • A large pack of Sanitary pads
  • 1 Soap
  • Dental hygiene products
  • A pack of mosquito coils
  • Water purifier powders
  • 1 nail cutters
  • 1 comb

We visited some areas like Balambu and Ramkot ourselves for distribution of our kits. We also advertised on various social media that we would provide these hygiene kits free of cots to any organization that could reach remote locations where we could not ourselves go. Some of these areas where our hygiene kits reached are Chautara (Sindhupalchowk), Gorkha and Kavre. Overall, we were able to reach more than 400 families.
Financially speaking, The Earthquake relief project was Kalyani’s biggest solo project during Fiscal year 2071/072 B.S. (2014/015 A.D.) with a little under NRs. 5,00,000 (i.e. $4800) utilized.