Advocacy for abolition of Chhaupadi

After the successful completion of our first project, Women Deliver granted us an additional $5000 of continuation grant for the advocacy project to abolish Chhaupadi in Salkot village. Although the project duration was only three months, we conducted 14 sessions of menstrual education workshops. Through these events, 340 community people were reached. Out of 340 people, 43 were general community members, 146 were community based adolescents, 95 were school based adolescents, 25 were mothers’ group members and 31 were community leaders.

Alongside orientation programs, household visits and meetings were conducted to encourage the abolition of Chhaupadi. A total of 100 Chhaupadi practicing households were visited by the social mobilisers, volunteers and few community leaders. Similarly, one-day workshop on “Abolition of Chaupadi” was conducted in the presence of ward level chairpersons, school teachers, health personnel, political leaders and general community people. During the follow-up household visit, around 25 households had started allowing females to live inside house during their menstruation.

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