Our Objectives!

Open up dialogue about menstruation at the grassroots level to change society's negative perception towards menstruation.

To impart basic health education with a focus on reproductive health so that women and girls understand their bodies better and have greater control over their health.

Spread awareness on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) so that women and girls are able to manage their periods in a healthy way and able to fully participate in their daily activities.

Promote menstrual hygiene products that are safe, affordable and environmentally friendly.

Mission & Vision

Our Mision is to combat menarche and menstrual stigma by normalizing the conversation around menstruation as a positive, healthy and natural process that occurs in every woman of fertile age while enabling them to manage their periods in a healthy way through knowledge of their reproductive health and menstrual hygiene management.

Our vision is a world where menstruation is no longer stigmatized with women and girls in control of their reproductive health and general well-being.

Our Story

Kalyani is an organization that seeks to help Nepalese women rise above gender disparities by intervening in the areas of health, education, financial standing and ultimately their social standing.

Kalyani came about from a beautiful bond shared by a group of college friends. When Aditi Sharma, cofounder and board Member visited Western Nepal and witnessed the cruel practice of Chhaupadi wheremenstruating women and girls were made to live in tiny sheds for the duration of their period, she cameback to Kathmandu with a gnawing feeling that something needed to be done. Chhaupadi was only the tip of the iceberg. The social stigma associated with menstruation was why such discriminatory practices continued. Aditi's conversations about her experience with her friends who also wanted to be a part of the solution ultimately materialized into establishing Kalyani.